174th Assault
Helicopter Company

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More1999 Reunion Photos

(All photos this page by Chas Simmons)

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images/chaz55.jpg Al Sarnecki
images/chaz56.jpg Bill Murphy
images/chaz57.jpg Bob "Bear" Bryant (and that's not his wife!)
images/chaz58.jpg Now this is Bear's wife, Patricia.
images/chaz59.jpg Billy Wood
images/chaz60.jpg Bud Maher
images/chaz61.jpg Bob Jones
images/chaz62.jpg Bernie Cobb with his infected jaw (ouch!)
images/chaz63.jpg Al Scheri and Dennis Pelliccia
images/chaz64.jpg Al Scheri
images/chaz65.jpg Bob Hackett
images/chaz66.jpg Bernie Cobb and Jeanne Hewetson counting the "booty"
images/chaz01.jpg Charles Bischdorf
images/chaz02.jpg images/chaz03.jpg images/chaz04.jpg Dale Wylie
images/chaz05.jpg images/chaz06.jpg Dennis Pelliccia
images/chaz07.jpg Dennis Pellicia and Bernie Cobb
images/chaz08.jpg Dennis Pellicia and Red Jones
images/chaz09.jpg Dennis Pellicia, Vernon Miles, and Mel Lutgring
images/chaz10.jpg images/chaz11.jpg Ed Malkowski, Terry Tecca, and Sam Sours
images/chaz12.jpg Eddie McNeill and Dennis Murphy
images/chaz13.jpg Eddie McNeill and Jeanne Heweston
images/chaz14.jpg Eddie McNeill auctioning off photo of Joey Heatherton
images/chaz15.jpg Eddie McNeill
images/chaz16.jpg Fred Taylor
images/chaz17.jpg Hanging out and swapping lies in the 174th's private room
images/chaz18.jpg Hanging out and swapping more lies
images/chaz19.jpg More hanging out (Billy Wood's telling a whopper)
images/chaz20.jpg Damn what a bunch of liars!
images/chaz21.jpg Jeanne Heweston
images/chaz23 images/chaz22.jpg Jim McDaniel (trying to see that LITTLE screen on the back of his digital camera)
images/chaz24.jpg images/chaz25.jpg Jim Yocum
images/chaz26.jpg Len Kaufman
images/chaz27.jpg Marty Heuer and Bernie Cobb
images/chaz28.jpg Marty Heuer
images/chaz29.jpg images/chaz30.jpg Marvin Schultz
images/chaz31.jpg Mel Lutgring and Fred Taylor
images/chaz32.jpg Mel Lutgring
images/chaz33.jpg Larry Whalen
images/chaz34.jpg Philomene Schultz and Margaret Bretherton
images/chaz35.jpg Preston and Denelle Glover
images/chaz36.jpg PT Yowell
images/chaz37.jpg Red Jones and Larry (Mac) McLeod
images/chaz38.jpg Red Jones
images/chaz39.jpg Rex Schumacher
images/chaz40.jpg images/chaz41.jpg images/chaz42.jpg Rex Schumacher, Warren Hewetson, and Mel Lutgring
images/chaz43.jpg Sam Sours
images/chaz44.jpg Terry Tecca and Bernie Cobb
images/chaz45.jpg Terry Tecca
images/chaz46.jpg Tom Reinshagen, Warren Heweston, and Butch Elliott
images/chaz47.jpg Vernon Miles and Mel Lutgring
images/chaz48.jpg images/chaz49.jpg View behind the motel
images/chaz50.jpg images/chaz51.jpg Wally Nunn sharing his speech
images/chaz52.jpg images/chaz53.jpg Wally Nunn, Bernie Cobb, and Jim Yocum
images/chaz54.jpg William Bretherton

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