174th Assault
Helicopter Company

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1999 Reunion Photos

Ft. Walton Beach, Florida
8, 9, 10 October 1999


The photos below are in no particular order. Click on thumbnail photo to see an enlargement. E-mail addresses are provided when known. Please note these e-mail addresses are as of the time of the reunion. Many people change e-mail addresses occasionally, so some of the address will be obsolete. I've chosen to leave them on the page, even though some will undoubtedly not work. Please notify me (Jim McDaniel) of any updates.

Webmaster note: I tried to get a close-up photo of all those who attended, but I know I missed some. I was cornering everyone I could when I had my camera with me. If anyone has photos of anyone who I missed, please send them to me and I'll include them here. Thanks. --jim

Sam Sours (SSOURS@ria-emh2.army.mil)

Terry Tecca (tecca@mtnet.net)

Ed Malkowski (peggy-ed-kirkland@msn.com)

Mel and Dee Lutgring

Al Scheri (ascheri@hotmail.com)

Billy R. and Sondra Wood (woodbrw@ipa.net)

Sondra & Billy Wood (woodbrw@ipa.net) and Bob (Bear) & Patricia Bryant (airbear174@hotmail.com)

Vernon Miles

Henry and Robbie Lee Blair

William and Margaret Bretherton (bubbao11a@email.com)

Jim Yocum (dutrade@mediaone.net)

Chas and Diane Simmons (chas_simmons@hotmail.com)

Dennis Pelliccia (ospro@webtv.net)

Len Kauffman (lakauf@aol.com)

Warren (Number One Fan) and Jeanne Hewetson (twarrenh@direcway.com)

Marvin and Philomiene Schultz

Eddie McNeill

Red Jones (redhjo@aol.com)

Larry (Mac) McLeod

Bob Hackett (hackett@planttel.net)

Tom Reinshagen (reinshagen@home.com)

Newlyweds Preston and Denelle Glover (PRESTONDOG@webtv.net)

Dennis Murphy and his son Max (d.r.murphy@worldnet.att.net)

Rodger A. (Mitch) Mitchell (Mitch personally made the all-leather Shark patch for this jacket... Damed awesome jacket!)

Ralph (Butch) and Janet Elliott (elliottr@bellsouth.net)

Frederick J. Taylor

William R. (Bill) Murphy (wrmurphy@juno.com)

Wally Nunn (wnunn@aol.com)

Al and Ruth Sarnecki (sarnecaru@fbg.net)

Perry T. (PT) Yowell (ptyowell@webtv.net)

Walter and Carol Bergmann (gwwale@earthlink.net)

Dale G. and Ann Wylie (dwylie@arkansas.net)

Robert (Bob) and Mary Jones

Martin (Marty) Heuer (zaxxion6@aol.com)

Carl W. Muthersbaugh

Bub Maher

Charles F. Bischdorf

Gene A. and Jo Ann Teague (gtfarm85@aol.com)

Dirick C. (Dick) and Toni Overhamm

Bernie Cobb (shark6@snowhill.com)

Jim McDaniel (Webmaster)

Jim McDaniel and Warren Hewetson

174th unit guidon that accompanied the unit from Ft. Benning to Vietnam.

"Missing man" place setting honoring those who didn't return.