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That time of year is fast approaching again. Reunion time is something that many look forward to. A time to get away from the humdrum of normal existence and be with people that have had the same experiences as you. Get reacquainted with the ones you were with during those times.

This year we will be staying in a new hotel. The BEST WESTERN BEACH FRONT is only about a year old. It does have a bar and a swimming pool and is close to the Waffle House for breakfast. Just a short walk to a great lunch place also. The rooms each have two queen size beds, a small refrigerator and a small micro wave oven. All rooms are identical except the beach front rooms have a private balcony. Only ten dollars difference between the rooms so call early to make your reservations. A fishing trip is being organized for Saturday. When you call in your reservation be sure to ask for Peggy Mahone and tell her if you want to go fishing. The price will depend on how many want to go. Call toll free (877) 243-9444 for room reservations. Or, FAX (850) 243-5445. Include your phone number. E-mail is: bw-beach@nuc.net. You will need to give your credit card number. Be sure to ask for 174th AHC reunion rates.

We have a bus for the day on Saturday. If you would like to see the Army Aviation Museum at Ft. Rucker be sure to annotate it on your registration form. The bus will leave at 0700 and we must be back by 1700. The museum has just reopened after some extensive re-work. Bernie Cobb said that he can make arrangements for lunch in Daleville. (It won't be at Ed Israel's house.) You may take a cooler on the bus with your favorite beverage temporarily occupying the space inside. The bus will seat 48 and does have a restroom. It also has five video monitors so you can watch your favorite flicks from years gone by.

The Friday BBQ will be provided as usual but the Saturday dinner will be slightly different this year. Chef Walzer and his crew have volunteered to cook all the fish that is caught. (There is a fish store not far away.) Plus there will be corn, potatoes and onions boiled almost Cajun style. We may even get a shrimp or two in the pot. How about a "MUDBUG" or two?

October is a great time of year so come early and stay late. Lots of things to do in the area for everyone. Now we need some representation from the great state of IDAHO. You won't have to move any of the nasty white stuff around while here.

If anyone wants a shirt you do not have to be here to get one. We do take orders and mail them right after the reunion. There is a $3.00 shipping and handling fee for mailorder shirts. If you order by mail, please include the fee in your check. The orders must be in by the date on the registration sheet.

Only one printing this year unless a very large amount is ordered before the screens are cleaned. The shirt design for this year is the unit patch in the center. Larger than others of course. On the upper part over the unit patch will be the 1st AVN BGE and AMERICAL patches. Beneath will be the WITCH DOCTOR and SHARK patches. The shirts will only come in blue this year. Golf shirts will still be available.

Be sure to complete the Registration Form and mail it, along with your check, to:

Bernie Cobb, Secretary/Treasurer
174th AHC Assn -- Reunion '99
16098 Highway 167
New Brockton, AL 36351

(Webmaster Note: Because the reunion date is fast approaching, if you want a shirt or to register for the reunion, I'd suggest you immediately send Bernie an e-mail note letting him know of your intentions, then IMMEDIATELY follow-up with a written registration form with payment. Because of good intentions in the past that didn't get followed up for some reason or another, we are unable to order shirts without having received payment for them. Thanks. --jim)

If you have any questions please write or call and I'll see what I can do to give you an answer.

See you in October????

/s/ Ted Saunders
Phone 850-243-5290
Cell 850-830-4114

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