174th Assault
Helicopter Company

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The annual 174th AHC reunion was held over the Columbus Day holiday weekend in October 1998, just as it's done each year. Mark your calendars now for next year's reunion over the weekend of October 10, 1999.

To review the minutes from the 174th Association BUSINESS MEETING, conducted during the 1998 reunion, click on this blue cube.

At the 1998 174th Reunion in Ft. Walton Beach, we took photographs of the entire group, and also photos of those from various year groups. Unfortunately some people were off doing other things at other places, and although we got most of the people at the reunion, we did not capture everyone. If you attended and are not here, we apologize. We have included what we did get.

Group Photos
The 174th's First Commander
Some Smaller Yeargroup Shots
The Fishing Trip
Some Miscellaneous Shots
Ted Saunders