174th Assault
Helicopter Company

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Below are two group photos of most of the people at the reunion. Some had either left early or chose not to be present for the photos. I've numbered everyone in the top photo and have identified everyone by number below the photo. If I've made any errors, please let me know by return e-mail. The first photo is one that my wife took. The second one was taken at almost the same time by Charlene Beauclair.


174th Webmaster, Jim McDaniel (Shark 4, 1967-68)

(Photo by Jim McDaniel's "Six" (Char), Ft. Walton Beach, FL, October 1997)

1997 174th Reunion Photo: (Note: There were perhaps half-a-dozen guys who for some reason or other did not get in the photograph. Ya snooze, ya looze.

1. Mike Gunnels, crew chief
2. Mel Lutgring, crew chief
3. Tom Reinshagen: pilot (maintenance), Witch Doctor 410, 68-69
4. Jim McDaniel, pilot, Shark 4, 67-68
5. Ron Hood: crew chief, sharks, 66 or 67 thru 69 (currently a COL?)
6. Bernie Cobb, pilot, the first Shark 6, 65-66
7. Jim Story, pilot
8. Bill Brown
9. Edward Selesky: crew chief, 67/68
10. Butch Elliott, maintenance pilot, Witch Doctor 5, 71
11. Herman (Red) Jones, avionics
12. Papa Ike, pilot, Shark, 66/67 (wounded in 67)
13. Ted Saunders, crew chief, 66-67
14. Geoff Buckley, pilot, Shark 3 in 68/69; Dolphin 3 in 69
15. Carl Muthersbaugh, crew chief
16. Jim Yocum, crew chief
17. Walt Bergmann, pilot
18. Charles Bischdorf, crew chief
19. Mike Bovre, company clerk, 65/66
20. Al Sarnecki, pilot, 65/67
21. Larry McLeod, avionics
22. Fred Taylor, pilot, 71
23. Bob Thomas, pilot, Shark 9, 68-69
24. Ken Johnson: pilot, 68
25. Eddie McNeill, armorer
26. Bill Walzer, Sharks 68-69
27. Chas Simmons, Crash/Rescue NCO
28. Wally Nunn, gunner, 68
29. Marvin Schultz, crew chief
30. Don Connin, pilot, 67/68

(Photo by Charlene Beauclair, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, October 1997)