174th Assault Helicopter Company

Five Shark Pilots Say Cheese

This photo was taken in December 1967 for a photographic history book of the 14th Combat Aviation Battalion that was printed in 1968. Several items of interest: (1) All are Shark gunship pilots, but this was taken before the Shark patch was designed and produced. All pilots and crewmen at this time wore the 174th Company patch if they chose to wear a patch (it was not required). (2) We were still flying with jungle fatigues at this time. (3) There were still remnants of non-subdued uniform items mixed with subdued items (note collar rank on Burton and hat insignia on McDaniel). Left to right: WO1 Danny (Rug Rat) Burton, WO1 Rick Dodge, WO1 Jim McDaniel (with REALLY wimpy mustache), WO1 Jerry Calloway (would someone please confirm his first name?), and Russell (Duffy) Doersam. (Photo property of Jim McDaniel, Duc Pho, Dec 1967)