174th Mouse Pad

A new item has been added to the Company Store, a Mouse Pad featuring the 174th AHC Unit Patch. The pad is just shy of 8-½ inches wide and 7-½ inches tall, with a gray background. It is 1/8 inch thick, flexible, and non-slip on the back.

The cost is $6.00 each including shipping. If you want to order one or more, email steve.r.kennedy@att.net directly in a separate message. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ORDERS TO THE LISTSERV OR JIM MCDANIEL.

Be sure to include your mailing address and a contact number. Payment can be by check or credit card (with a $3.00 card processing fee.)

Payment instructions will be sent with a reply to your email. If you wish to include other items from the store in your order that is fine.